You Are Under Arrest

For this post I wanted to talk about the recent incident in Charleston, North Carolina,that involved a shooting at the historical Emanuel African Episcopal Methodist church resulting in the loss of 9 lives. Now I know what you’re thinking, “but what does this have to do with police brutality?” Well, on the surface, nothing. The assailant in this case is, 21 year-old, Dylann Roof, not a member of the local police department however they believe he acted out of hate and racism. Dylann’s actions are being investigated as either a hate crime or an act of domestic terrorism. He is facing 30 year to life in prison, maybe even the death penalty.

Again, why does this have anything to do with police brutality. Well, many have complained of the way Roof’s arrest was handled in comparison to African American suspects, who’s attempted arrest have been known to sometimes end in death or serious injury.Screen-Shot-2015-06-20-at-11.56.33-AM

Most have closely compared Roof’s arrest to that of 43 year-old Eric Garner, who was tackled to the ground in a headlock by an officer of the NYPD. He was heard gasping the words,”I can’t breath,” before his body went limp. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

In Eric Stong’s article, The Calmest Arrest You Could Ever Expect f A Mass Murderer, he displays the image of Lee Boyd Malvo, the DC sniper, in which he can be seen handcuffed in the same exact manner as Roof, putting to rest all the White Privilege assumptions.roof2

However, Eric goes on to address the fact that during Dylann Roof’s arrest no one was heard yelling or screaming, “GET YOUR HANDS UP,”or “GET ON THE GROUND NOW,” and all guns were tucked away safely in their holsters.

White Privilege or coincidence?